Stellar Life Studio is a healing arts & wellness education studio. Our focus is to help you design a life that you are absolutely, positively in love with. We offer individual & group coaching as well as classes & workshops in the areas of health, wealth, emotional wellness, goal setting, and much, much more.

In addition, we have offer massage & bodywork for those times where you just need to chill!

At Stellar Life Studio, we believe that you already have what it takes to create the life you desire! It is our mission to assist you as you reconnect & reawaken the power that lies within you and arming you with the tools, techniques & ongoing support you need along the way.

Contact us today … your Stellar Life awaits!!!


Our Beliefs

We believe in a Higher Power

We believe we should always follow our internal guidance (intuition)

We believe becoming a quantum observer is paramount to transformation

We believe we are limitless

We believe we are all connected and effect each other energetically

We believe all of our feelings are beautiful roadmaps (yes, even the so called 'bad' ones)

We believe with the right combination of observing, feeling, healing, planning, and executing, life can be as we desire

We believe life is not black & white and the power lies in learning to thrive in the grey

We believe reasons explain and excuses deflect

We believe hard work and dedication are uber important

We believe being curious & consumed spurs growth

We believe it's easier to show up when we're being authentic

We believe you already have what it takes to live a Stellar Life!!!